Latest L&T Aptitude Question SOLUTION: Find the ratio of purchase price and sell price if there is loss of 12 1/(2 )%

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User Comments

This site is very useful. Here maximum problems are given which helped me a lot to get in Syntel Thanks m4

kislay keshav 1 Day ago

Thanks M4maths team for creating this platform by virtue of which i got placed in IBM. I owe to this website a lot.

Goutam Kumar Singh 2 Days ago

Thanks to

I got placed in IBM,

Questions appear in written same as in m4maths

Thanks to m4maths team

Giri Babu 5 Days ago

got placed in IBM..

this site is very useful, many questions repeated..

thanks alot to

Harish Konakandla 22 Days ago

Maths Quotes

If there is a God, he's a great mathematician.

Paul Dirac

Do math and you can do anything.


A man has one hundred dollars and you leave him with two dollars. That's subtraction.

Mae West

Which is more difficult ? solve a mathematics? or Mathematics to solve?

G. C

Placement Questions

What are groups,,?

Unsolved Asked In: NDA

If there r 36 hrs in a day. n 18 hrs displayed on a clock. n 90 min in 1 hr n 60 sec in 1 min. If time is 15:50 AM. what is the angle b/w the two needle.

Unsolved Asked In: Elitmus

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