Latest self Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A horse chases a pony 3 hours after the pony runs. Horse takes 4 hours to reach the pony. If the average speed of the horse is 35 kmph, what s the average speed of the pony?

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Devendra M
Devendra M
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can any one send the latest tcs paper.....and email writing...

ankit gupta 1 Day ago

What is criteria for eligibility ?

Rajat Kumar Gupta 1 Day ago

can yu snd me th tcs placemt id s

uma 1 Day ago

anyone can snd me th tcs previous question mail id is

uma 1 Day ago

Maths Quotes

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

Henri Poincare

There is something I don't understand about algebra: It has been around for thousands of years, yet no one has ever found out what the value of "x" or "y" really is.

Richard van der Merwe

Old math teachers never die, they just tend to infinity.


The essence of mathematics resides in its freedom.

Georg Cantor

Placement Questions

0, 1, 4, 15, 64, ____
1) 225 2) 325 3) 125 4) None

Unsolved Asked In: TCS

If DHOOM is coded as 25 and RACE is coded as 14, then FASHION is coded as
1) 12 2) 14 3) 36 4) None

Unsolved Asked In: TCS

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