Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: x and y invest Rs.21000 and 17500 respectively in a the end of the year they make a profit of Rs.26400,what is share of Xin this profit

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harsh poddar
harsh poddar
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plz send me the question paper of tcs asap on my email id IT'S COMING ON 25th September..plz it's a request..

ddgf 27 Minutes ago

plz send me the ques. paper of tcs asap on my email id

kushagra agrawal 8 Hours ago

Thank you

shruti choubey 1 Day ago

Thank u so much m4maths. My dream to get into job is fulfilled because of U. Really thanks alot..

Swetha 2 Days ago

Maths Quotes

" To love Math is to embrace understanding.To use math is embrace life and its complexities."

Elmor EarlF.Leonor

I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras, and the secret magic of numbers.

Sir Thomas Browne

Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head

Carl Sandburg

Sometimes it is useful to know how large your zero is.


Placement Questions

when you want to use
-printf() scanf()
-log() abs() pow()
-clrscr() getch() terminate()
and your program restrictions are such that you have to use only 1 header file
Is it Possible......if yes which header file will you use....
How you will do it?

Unsolved Asked In: Persistent

odd one out

Unsolved Asked In: TCS
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