Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A volume of 10936 l water is in a container of sphere. How many semisphere of volume 4l each will be required to tranfer all the water into the small semispheres? a) 2812 b) 8231 c

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send the l&t infotech questions with answers immediately

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I need Igate question papers...send me through

Srinivasan S 6 Hours ago

Thank you

shruti choubey 9 Hours ago

send the l&t infotech questions with answers immediately with tommorow morning.

sivapriya 17 Hours ago

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A watch which gains uniformly, is 5 minutes slow at 8 O’ clock in the morning on Sunday, and is 5 minutes 48
seconds fast at 8 pm on following Sunday. When was it correct ?

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Find the length of common chord if radia of two intersecting circles are 120 and 160 . Distance between two center are 200.?

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