Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A Survey of India worker was taking the 2000 census in Behrampur district of Orissa. It was a Wednesday in the second half of the year in the waxing moon phase right after a major national festival. In one of the villages the worker interviewed a toothless old lady sitting in front of a hut. The lady declared My granddaughter is about as many days as my daughter is weeks: and my granddaughter is as many months as I am years. The three of us together are 130 years. The surveyor quickly took out her calculator and started punching in a few numbers to find the lady's age. Her calculator has a seven segment LCD display but she was puzzled to see the number so she did the calculations agaiw. this time assuming 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. This time the results were correct. Can you tell what did the calculator display showed: if you made the same assumptions?

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rajesh dolai
16 Hours ago

plz send me ibm plaement paper english..

1 Day ago

cleared ibm 2 rounds
thank you

1 Day ago

Thanks to m4maths.I got placed in IBM.Awsome work.Best of luck.

Lekshmi Narasimman MN
7 Days ago

Thanks ton for this site . This site is my main reason for clearing cts written which happend on 5/4/2014 in chennai . Tommorrw i have my interview. Hope i will tel u all a good news :)
Thanks to almighty too :) !!

abhinay yadav
12 Days ago

thank you M4maths for such awesome collection of questions. last month i got placed in techMahindra. i prepared for written from this site, many question were exactly same as given here.
bcz of practice i finished my written test 15 minutes before and got it.
thanx allot for such noble work...

16 Days ago

coz of this site i cud clear IBM's apti nd finally got placed in tcs
thanx m4maths...u r a wonderful site :)

19 Days ago

thank u m4maths and all its user for posting gud and sensible answers.

Nilesh singh
21 Days ago

finally selected in TCS. thanks m4maths

23 Days ago

Thank you team m4maths.Successfully placed in TCS.

Deepika Maurya
23 Days ago

Thank you so much m4maths.. I cleared the written of IBM.. :) very good site.. thumps up !!

Rimi Das
1 Month ago

Thanks to m4maths I got selected in Tech Mahindra.I was preparing for TCS 1st round since last month.Got interview call letter from there also...Really m4maths is the best site for placement preparation...

Stephen raj
1 Month ago

prepare from r.s.aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning and previous year questions from m4maths,indiabix and chetanas forum.u can crack it.

Stephen raj
1 Month ago

Thanks to m4maths:)
cracked infosys:)

1 Month ago

i have been Selected in Tech Mahindra.
All the quanti & reasoning questions are common from the placement papers of m4maths.
So a big thanks to m4maths team & the people who shares the placement papers.

Amit Das
1 Month ago

I got selected for interview in TCS.Thank you very much

1 Month ago

I got placed in TCS :)
Thanks a lot m4maths :)

Syed Ishtiaq
1 Month ago

An Awesome site for TCS.
Cleared the aptitude.

1 Month ago

I successfully cleared TCS aptitude test held on 8th march 2014.Thanks a lot
plz guide for the technical round.

mounika devi mamidibathula
1 Month ago

got placed in IBM..

this site is very useful, many questions repeated..

thanks alot to

Anisha Lakhmani
1 Month ago

I got placed at infosys.......thanx to awesum site......

Anisha Lakhmani
1 Month ago

I got placed at infosys.......thanx to awesum site......

Kusuma Saddala
1 Month ago

Thanks to m4maths, i have place at IBM on feb 8th of this month

2 Months ago

thanks to m4 maths because of this i clear csc written test

mahima srivastava
2 Months ago

Placed at IBM. Thanks to m4maths. This site is really very helpful. 95% questions were from this site.

Surya Narayana K
2 Months ago

I successfully cleared TCS aptitude test.Thanks a lot

Surya Narayana K
2 Months ago

I successfully cleared TCS aptitude test.Thanks a lot

prashant gaurav
2 Months ago

Got Placed In Infosys...
Thanks of m4maths....

3 Months ago

iam not placed in still m4maths is a good site.

4 Months ago

Thanx to m4 maths, because of that i able to crack aptitude test and now i am a part of TCS. This site is best for the preparation of placement papers.Thanks a lotttttt............

4 Months ago

THANKS a lot m4maths. Me and my 2 other roomies cleared the tcs aptitude with the help of this site.Some of the questions in apti are exactly same which i answered without even reading the whole question completely.. gr8 work m4maths.. keep it up.

5 Months ago

m4maths is one of the main reason I cleared TCS aptitude. In TCS few questions will be repeated from previous year aptis and few questions will be repeated from the latest campus drives that happened in various other colleges. So to crack TCS apti its enough to learn some basic concepts from famous apti books and follow all the TCS questions posted in m4maths. This is not only for TCS but for all other companies too. According to me m4maths is best site for clearing apti. Kuddos to the creator of m4maths :)

5 Months ago

THANKS A LOT TO M4MATHS.due to m4maths today i am the part of TCS offer letter now.

5 Months ago

Hai friends, I got placed in L&T INFOTECH and i m visiting this website for the past 4 months.Solving placemetn puzzles from this website helped me a lot and 1000000000000s of thanks to this website.this website also encouraged me to solve puzzles.follw the updates to clear maths aps ,its very easy yar, surely v can crack it if v follow this website.

5 Months ago

2 days before i cleared written test just because of a lot for this community.

6 Months ago

thanks for m4maths!!! bcz of which i cleared apti of infosys today.

6 Months ago

Today my written test of TCS was completed.I answered many of the questions without reading entire question.Because i am one of the member in the m4maths.

No words to praise i simply said thanks a lot.

7 Months ago

I am very grateful to m4maths. It is a great site i have accidentally logged on when i was searching for an answer for a tricky maths puzzle. It heped me greatly and i am very proud to say that I have cracked the written test of tech-mahindra with the help of this site. Thankyou sooo much to the admins of this site and also to all members who solve any tricky puzzle very easily making people like us to be successful. Thanks a lotttt

Abhishek Ranjan
7 Months ago

me & my rooom-mate have practiced alot frm dis site TO QUALIFY TCS written test.both of us got placed in TCS :)

do practice n u'll surely succeed :)

Sandhya Pallapu
1 year ago

Hai friends! this site is very helpful....i prepared for TCS campus placements from this site...and today I m proud to say that I m part of TCS family now.....dis site helped me a lot in achieving this...thanks to M4MATHS!

vivek singh
2 years ago

I cracked my first campus TCS in November 2011...i convey my heartly thanks to all the members of m4maths community who directly or indirectly helped me to get through TCS......special thanks to admin for creating such a superb community

Manish Raj
2 years ago

this is important site for any one ,it changes my i am part of tcs only because of M4ATHS.PUZZLE

Asif Neyaz
2 years ago

Thanku M4maths..due to u only, imade to TCS :D test on sep 15.

Harini Reddy
2 years ago

Big thanks to
I cracked TCS..The solutions given were very helpful!!!

2 years ago

HI everyone ,
me and my friends vish,sube,shaf placed in TCS... its becoz of m4maths only .. thanks a lot..this is the wonderful website.. unless your help we might not have been able to place in TCS... and thanks to all the users who clearly solved the problems.. im very greatful to you :)

2 years ago

Really thanks to m4maths I learned a lot... If you were not there I might not have been able to crack TCS.. love this site hope it's reputation grows exponentially...

2 years ago

Hello friends .I was selected in TCS. Thanx to M4Maths to crack apti. and my hearthly wishes that
the success rate of M4Math grow exponentially.

Again Thanx for all support given by M4Math during
my preparation for TCS.

and Best of LUCK for all students for their preparation.

2 years ago

thanks to selected in TCS..thanks for providing solutions to TCS puzzles :)

2 years ago

thousands of thnx to m4maths...
got selected in tcs for u only...
u were the only guide n i hv nvr done group study for TCS really feeling great...
thnx to all the users n team of m4maths...
3 cheers for m4maths

2 years ago

thousands of thnx to m4maths...
got selected in tcs for u only...
u were the only guide n i hv nvr done group study for TCS really feeling great...
thnx to all the users n team of m4maths...
3 cheers for m4maths

2 years ago

Thank U ...I'm placed in TCS.....
Continue this g8 work

2 years ago

thank you for providing a web portal like this.Because of you only i got placed in TCS,driven on 26/8/2011 in oncampus

raghu nandan
2 years ago

thanks a lot m4maths cracked TCS written n results are to be only coz of u... :)

V.V.Ravi Teja
3 years ago

thank u m4maths because of you and my co people who solved some complex problems for me...why because due to this only i got placed in tcs and hcl also........

Veer Bahadur Gupta
3 years ago

got placed in TCS ...
thanku m4maths...

Amulya Punjabi
3 years ago

Hi All,

Today my result for TCS apti was declared nd i cleared it successfully...It was only due to m4maths...not only me my all frnds are able to crack it only wid the help of's just an osum site as well as a sure shot guide to TCS apti......Pls let me know wt can be asked in the interview by MBA students.

Anusha Alva
3 years ago

a big thnks to this placed in TCS!!!!!!

Oindrila Majumder
3 years ago

thanks a lot m4math.. placed in TCS

Pushpesh Kashyap
3 years ago

superb site, i cracked tcs

Saurabh Bamnia
3 years ago

Great Placed in TCS...........thanx a not mug up the sol'n try to understand.....its AWESOME.........

Gautam Kumar
3 years ago

it was really useful 4 me.................n finally i managed to get through TCS

Karthik Sr Sr
3 years ago

i like to thank m4maths, it was very useful and i got placed in tcs

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