Latest Syntel Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A pipe with a diameter of two centimeters can fill a tank through constant flow of water in 1½ hours. The new pipe with a diameter of 6 centimeters can fill it in (a) 30 minutes

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harsh poddar
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plz send me the question paper of tcs asap on my email id IT'S COMING ON 25th September..plz it's a request..

ddgf 2 Hours ago

plz send me the ques. paper of tcs asap on my email id

kushagra agrawal 10 Hours ago

Thank you

shruti choubey 1 Day ago

Thank u so much m4maths. My dream to get into job is fulfilled because of U. Really thanks alot..

Swetha 2 Days ago

Maths Quotes

" To love Math is to embrace understanding.To use math is embrace life and its complexities."

Elmor EarlF.Leonor

There will be a mathematics in each and every problem you solve.

Jyothish K R

Medicine makes people ill, mathematics make them sad and theology makes them sinful.

Martin Luther

The essence of mathematics resides in its freedom.

Georg Cantor

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why after 12 th you are having consistantly poor marks ...what could be the right answer for that queation..

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