Latest Wipro Aptitude Question SOLUTION: The calendar for the year 2007 will be the same for the year: A. 2014 B. 2016 C. 2017 D. 2018

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Anurag Krishna
Anurag Krishna
West Bengal
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What is criteria for eligibility ?

Rajat Kumar Gupta 14 Hours ago

can yu snd me th tcs placemt id s

uma 15 Hours ago

anyone can snd me th tcs previous question mail id is

uma 15 Hours ago

hey anyone can plz send me all tcs id is

tanya 15 Hours ago

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Placement Questions

. The in centre of a triangle with vertices A(1,√3) B(0,0) and C(2,0) is

Unsolved Asked In: General

guys if you need memory based questions of amcat refer to

Unsolved Asked In: AMCAT

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