Latest self Aptitude Question SOLUTION: what is the chance that a leap year selected at random will have 53 sundays

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Deep Narayan Mojumder
Deep Narayan Mojumder
West Bengal
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1 + 9 + 24 + 46 + ... Find the sum of sequence

Prakash kumar 4 Days ago

This site is very useful. Here maximum problems are given which helped me a lot to get in Syntel Thanks m4

kislay keshav 7 Days ago

Thanks M4maths team for creating this platform by virtue of which i got placed in IBM. I owe to this website a lot.

Goutam Kumar Singh 8 Days ago

Thanks to

I got placed in IBM,

Questions appear in written same as in m4maths

Thanks to m4maths team

Giri Babu 11 Days ago

Maths Quotes

God is real, unless declared integer.


a man that is poor is very rich because he know the value of zero.

yash singh

But mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched with the same madness and genius.

Harold Marston Morse

It is easier to square the circle than to get round a mathematician.

Augustus de Morgan

Placement Questions

A, B, C enter into partnership with a total of Rs.8,200. A’s capital is Rs.1,000 more than B and
Rs.2,000 less than C’s. What is B’s share of the Profit of Rs.2,460?

Unsolved Asked In: CAT

A and B entered into a partnership investing Rs 12000 and Rs 9000.after 3 months c also joined with a capital of 15000.the share of c in half yearly profit of Rs 9500 is

Unsolved Asked In: CAT

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