Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: roy is now 4 years older than erik and half of that amount older than iris. if in 2 years, roy wil be twiceas old as erik then in two years what would be roy's age multiplied by ir

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roy is now 4 years older than erik roy iris and erick age problem roy is now 4 years older than erik and half of tha

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I Got Cleared TCS Written Test on 22-10-2014. Special Thanks to M4maths

K VINU Chowdary 2 Days ago

This site helped me alot in clearing my TCS written..thanks for everyone who helped me here ..

SALMA 3 Days ago

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maths and life is same,because both contains lots of problems

saranya rajan

mathematics never dies because it always stays in the minds and souls of people who love mathematics. Those people will not let maths die instead they will die.................

D . kalyan kumar

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