Latest IBM Aptitude Question SOLUTION: 3/2,2,1/4,9/4,7/2,12,1/4,49/4,4/3,11/7,16/9,?

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Amit Kumar Pal
Amit Kumar Pal
Madhya Pradesh
Time: 02:31:31

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Placed User Comments

Placed in TCS, lot of credit goes to m4maths.

Sumit 1 Day ago

Placed in TCS.. Special thanks to m4maths

Simranjit Singh 4 Days ago

Maths Quotes

mathematics never dies because it always stays in the minds and souls of people who love mathematics. Those people will not let maths die instead they will die.................

D . kalyan kumar

Matematics is like Love,a simple idea but can get complicated.


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