Latest Wipro Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting around a circle facing at the centre. D is sitting between A and G. F is second to the right of G and E is second to the right of F. C is not an

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sumit kumar
sumit kumar
West Bengal
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I think it's important to all why because we are slowed down to the problems

Yogeswar Reddy 2 Days ago

This is the best place for preparing for tcs all the apti questions came from this site.. i suggest juniors and my friends to make full use of this site.... and if anyone needs any advice feel free to contact me at.

chirag jain 27 Days ago

Guys please solve as much problems as you can from m4maths elitmus section...many problems are repeating with slight variations..

Vivek Jain 1 Month ago

This site is very useful. Here maximum problems are given which helped me a lot to get in Syntel Thanks m4

kislay keshav 1 Month ago

Maths Quotes

Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head.

Carl Sandburg

If I feel unhappy, I do mathematics to become happy. If I am happy, I do mathematics to keep happy.

Alfred Renyi

The more you know, the less sure you are


"If you able to solve the problems in MATHS, then you also able to solve the problems in your LIFE" (Maths is a great Challenger)


Placement Questions

George does 3/5th of a piece of work in 9 days. He then calls in Paul , and they finish the work in 4 days. How long would Paul take to do the work by himself?

Unsolved Asked In: TCS

A lady buys goods worth Rs.200 from a shop whose Shopkeeper selling the goods with zero profit. The lady gives him 1000rs note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200rs for himself and returns 800rs to the lady. After the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the 1000rs note saying it's a duplicate and takes the money back. How much loss did the shopkeeper face?

Unsolved Asked In: Interview

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