Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: In a supermarket average of 4people standin in queue taken 2yrs before is 55yrs. Now a person of 45 yrs is added current age.

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Ravi Bhalani
Ravi Bhalani
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sir can u please send me previous placement papers of
PEOL TECHNOLOGIES to pls sir..asap

anup 13 Hours ago

plsss send me question paper of amcat on

surabhi kumari 16 Hours ago

plsss send me amcat question papers on

surabhi kumari 16 Hours ago

anyone can send amcat question to my id:

Ramkumar 1 Day ago

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Unsolved Asked In: HR Interview

Hello friend look at my interview experience of DCRUST college last year..... I hope this might help you :)

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