Latest IBM Aptitude Question SOLUTION: In formal email personal introduction should be done. 1. After the body of letter 2. Within body of letter 3. At the start of body of letter

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please send me l&t latest placement paper immediately..i need this one....

atul 16 Hours ago

Guys please solve as much problems as you can from m4maths elitmus section...many problems are repeating with slight variations..

Vivek Jain 1 Day ago

1 + 9 + 24 + 46 + ... Find the sum of sequence

Prakash kumar 5 Days ago

This site is very useful. Here maximum problems are given which helped me a lot to get in Syntel Thanks m4

kislay keshav 8 Days ago

Maths Quotes

Sometimes it is useful to know how large your zero is.


Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

Albert Einstein

A man has one hundred dollars and you leave him with two dollars. That's subtraction.

Mae West

Mathematics is written for mathematicians.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Placement Questions

a spend 60%of monthly salary to consumable items.50% of remaining on cloths .he saves the remaining amount.ifhe saves at the end of the year Rs 48, much amount per month would have be spent on cloth?

Unsolved Asked In: CAT

virat & anushka starts running in clockwise direction at the same time and ratio of their speed is 5:3. it takes 0.5km to complete one round then how much distance will virat cover when he crosses anushka 6th time?

Unsolved Asked In: Elitmus

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