Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12m by a rope 7m long. Find the area it can graze? (a) 38.5 sq.m (b) 155 sq.m (c) 144 sq.m (d) 19.25 sq.m PLEASE EXPLAIN ALSO

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I need Igate question papers...send me through

Srinivasan S 2 Hours ago

Thank you

shruti choubey 5 Hours ago

send the l&t infotech questions with answers immediately with tommorow morning.

sivapriya 13 Hours ago

send me l&t infotech questions with answers

sivapriya 13 Hours ago

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hai friends,plzz tell me how to prepare for elitmus test, bcoz i have ph test on 21st sep.plz frndz give me some suggestions to get good score, i have less time.Anyone plz tell me fast plzzzzzzzzz

Unsolved Asked In: Elitmus

is there any chance that accenture will call again through elitmus

Unsolved Asked In: Maths
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