Latest Wipro Aptitude Question SOLUTION: The number of parallelograms that can be formed from a set of FOUR parallel straight line intersecting a set of THREE parallel straight lines=? A. 9 B. 12 C. 6 D. 18 E. 15

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sumit kumar
sumit kumar
West Bengal
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I think it's important to all why because we are slowed down to the problems

Yogeswar Reddy 3 Days ago

This is the best place for preparing for tcs all the apti questions came from this site.. i suggest juniors and my friends to make full use of this site.... and if anyone needs any advice feel free to contact me at.

chirag jain 28 Days ago

Guys please solve as much problems as you can from m4maths elitmus section...many problems are repeating with slight variations..

Vivek Jain 1 Month ago

This site is very useful. Here maximum problems are given which helped me a lot to get in Syntel Thanks m4

kislay keshav 1 Month ago

Maths Quotes

" Mathematics gives the photograph of life. "

Elmor Earl F.Leonor

I was x years old in the year x^2. (when asked his age.)

Augustus de Morgan

"There is nothing called attitude, its just the presence or absence of courage"

Sandeep Upadhyay

Matematics is like Love,a simple idea but can get complicated.


Placement Questions

what is the reminder when 4.4!+5.5!+6.6!+7.7!+..............+19.19! is divided by 64.

Unsolved Asked In: Elitmus

abcde are 5 integer each have unique value and a>b>c>d>e>0 and c=9. so what is the value of a?

Unsolved Asked In: Elitmus

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