Latest TCS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: A man goes north 37km.turns left goes 2km.turns right goes 17km.turns right goes 2km. find distance b/w starting ending point. a) 54 b) 27 c) 81 d) 67

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Devendra M
Devendra M
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can any one send the latest tcs paper.....and email writing...

ankit gupta 1 Day ago

What is criteria for eligibility ?

Rajat Kumar Gupta 1 Day ago

can yu snd me th tcs placemt id s

uma 1 Day ago

anyone can snd me th tcs previous question mail id is

uma 1 Day ago

Maths Quotes

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?

Pliny the Elder, Natural History

"The gaming of numbers is called maths.So participate in this wonderful game and explore in it,learn in it and enjoy in it.Then only you can pass in this wonderful game."

Kumar Purnendu

God is real, unless declared integer.


MATHEMATICS is the key of every problem.

vivek .R

Placement Questions

18 women can complete a work in 12 days and 12 men can complete the same work in 9 days. In how many days will 8 men and 8 women complete that work

Unsolved Asked In: Bank Exam

0, 1, 4, 15, 64, ____
1) 225 2) 325 3) 125 4) None

Unsolved Asked In: TCS

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