Latest CTS Aptitude Question SOLUTION: Consider the sum of first 100 odd numbers. If every digit 7 is replaced by 2 what would be net decrease in sum and the new sum ?

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Sandhya Goud
Sandhya Goud
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I want to thank m4maths..many questions were from this site!


I really wanna thank m4maths.This site helped me a lot for preparing my TCS apti and clearing it successfully.I will suggest all juniors who are preparing for TCS, do solve previous TCS questions,they usually repeat you will definitely get questions

Ankit 1 Day ago

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''The most incomprehensible about Mathematics is that it is comprehensible''.

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Students attend our lectures, not because the mathematics we teach ‘makes lots of fun’ for us, but because they believe they can learn some essential knowledge from us. And each of our young students has only one life to live. We should therefore be a

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