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Maths Quotes

2 is not equal to 3 – not even for very large values of 2.


"The gaming of numbers is called maths.So participate in this wonderful game and explore in it,learn in it and enjoy in it.Then only you can pass in this wonderful game."

Kumar Purnendu

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I got placed in TCS. It's a great pleasure to express my gratitude towards m4maths.

It helped a lot to get through aptitude.

I strongly recommend to refer m4maths to crack any company.

Praveen Kumar 17 Days ago

Take this site seriously as questions repeat of same pattern in placement exams

Srajan 19 Days ago

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a cube is coloured red on one face, green on oppos the times taken by a phone operator to complete a the polynomial f(x) =2*x^4 - 49*x^2 +54,what is th raj earns on an investment 25% but loses 10% on an nikhil is 8 years younger than his brother rohan. maths question mrs.kaushik is 27 years older than m4maths 4 men throw a dice atleast 2 people a square consists of 27 little squares measurement a pan has arms 0 to 40kg tcs a is the set of positive integers such that when d what is largest number that wil divide m4 maths

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